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Electronic Security

The industry is evolving at an incredible rate, with new security solutions available daily.  Count on TurnKey Security to be on top of the most efficient and cost effective solutions for you.

Electronic security will continue to evolve rapidly over the next several years as it has in the past.  When we select a product we consider all the options to ensure that the product is going to be as forward compatible as possible in this continually changing industry.

    We provide our customers the finest electronic security and technicians that are skilled, prompt and courteous.

  • Alarm Systems
    o Hardwired
    o Wireless devices
    o Cellular back up
    o Remote management

  • Alarm Monitoring
    o Quick response to calls
    o Courteous service

  • Surveillance Recording
    o Digital Video Recorders
    o PC based
    o Embedded processors

  • Cameras
    o Indoor / Outdoor
    o Analog or IP cameras
    o Pan-Tilt-Zoom
    o Low light cameras
    o Infrared Illuminators

  • Card Access Systems
    o Single door
    o Small systems
    o Large systems

Whatever it takes to satisfy a customer is our promise.  We enjoy the challenge of providing people services over and above their expectations and would appreciate the opportunity to provide you and your team our Quality Service, Quality Products that are Fairly Priced!


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